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The Estwing Sportsman’s axe is one of the smaller log chopping axes at a modest 14” in length, headed by an American steel blade. The handle here is a little different from most, as it’s finished with a lacquered leather that’s sanded down until smooth. This makes its construction extremely strong, though it may have less grip than some other axes, an issue easily remedied by a homemade leather or canvas grip. If you’re looking for the best survival axe, or even just something that packs in everything you could need into one handy tool, then the iunio camping hatchet is the one for you. With various hidden features, including a compass, emergency whistle, and even a fish scaling knife, this is an axe that can do more than chop wood. An adjustable aluminum handle only serves to increase its versatility further, and a bottle opener and safety hammer make this a great camping axe aside from its survival-focused features.

  • The wood made handles are lightweight and easier to replace.
  • You have to replace the handle when it breaks or starts cracking.
  • Save money on your firewood supply by splitting and stocking your own with the help of an axe that’s a cut above the rest.
  • Otherwise, for simple maintenance and keeping the blade-edge sharp, you’ll need a fine file or a leather strop.
  • Make sure the tree you are chopping down is an appropriate one.
  • Taking more swings to get the same amount of work done gets old quickly.

A FiberComp handle keeps the energy contained at the cutting point instead of traveling into your hands and arms, and the 3.4-pound head is suited to most people’s strength and needs. As a result, chopping strokes are more efficient thanks to the greater energy transfer and sharp blade. If you’re searching for your next axe , Council Tool should absolutely be on your list of brands to consider. In fact, they make some of the best outdoor-focused cutting tools bar none.

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The primary purpose of a double bit ax is for felling and limbing trees. These have an extra sharp tapered blade that allows you to make a deep cut to the wood. It has a fiberglass handle that is lightweight and durable. The non-slip design also reduces the chance of getting blisters in hands.

And another reason that convinced us to try this hatchet was its extremely affordable price of $33. How do you select the best ax from hundreds of options available in the market? But choosing the best ax should not become a tiresome mental exercise. If you find yourself drawn to our final, most modern category of axe, then you may want to see a larger selection.

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This makes the right camping axe all the more important for a good time in the woods. While camping, it is important to have a tool you can trust. It’s not rocket science that if anything bigger than 14 inches qualifies to be an ax, everything smaller is a hatchet. Unlike their bigger counterparts, hatchets do not pack enough power to bring down an entire tree. These are mostly used by wildlife explorers who may need to chop smaller logs for firewood or use it as a survival and hunting tool. But don’t let the compact size and lightweight design of this hatchet fool you.

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The injection-molded polypropylene and fiberglass handle gives you strength and cuts the weight of the tool down to 2.8 pounds. The coated 420 stainless steel head of the Tactical Tomahawk is mounted to the fiberglass gransfors bruks carving axe reinforced nylon handle with heavy-duty bolts and a steel ferrule for stability. SOG’s Tactical Tomahawk is an updated version of this original item, which provides the user with both a tool and a weapon.

The wood is typically hickory in the US and ash in Europe and Asia. The wedge angle is the cross-section shape of the cutting edge. Generally, cutting axes have a shallow wedge angle, whereas splitting axes have a deeper angle. Most axes are double beveled, i.e. symmetrical about the axis of the blade.